Established in 1992, Classical Movements is one of the world's premiere concert touring companies and provides travel and concert arrangements for many premiere orchestras, including the National Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, and the St. Louis Symphony. Clients include the most famous, from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra to the Simon Bolivar Venezuelan Youth Orchestra, Yale Symphony, Portland Youth Philharmonic and numerous others. Working around the world, in 6 continents, the company is one of the few that has intimate knowledge of most countries and a wide network of local people and staff that speak numerous languages and tour continuously. The company is also one of the few that can arrange very successful concerts in leading concert venues with packed audiences for highly acclaimed youth orchestras that are on their way to becoming professional musicians. Below is a list of all services offered by Classical Movements. Not all apply to each orchestra tour, and some are provided for an additional fee. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the options below with you and your ensemble.

This is a comprehensive list of our services, but not all apply to each orchestra tour. Some are provided for an additional fee.

Planning, Preparation and Financial
  • Prepare proposals with itineraries, budgets and payment schedules
  • Arrange pre-tour trips to familiarize you and ourselves with the specific destinations and accommodation options for your tour
  • Maintain constant contact with you throughout the pre-tour process
  • Promptly reply to your requests and questions
  • Provide a detailed itinerary, including the entire concert and rehearsal schedules, sightseeing and essential details
  • Provide a reference book for the destinations in your itinerary, including do's and don'ts, customs, restaurants, tipping practices, language, history, basic geography, and major sights
  • Manage all foreign exchange transactions and negotiate the lowest exchange rates
  • Research venues, artists and festivals for collaboration opportunities
  • Book halls, rent pianos, arrange organ details and hire soloists
  • Arrange rehearsals and concerts with domestic and international concert promoters, compile stage plans, and arrange ticket printing
  • Provide repertoire advice, payment of royalties and information on music editions and publications
  • Manage promotion efforts for concert arrangement, including flyers, posters, press and radio as per the budget
Air Arrangements
  • Provide excellent rate contracts with domestic and international carriers
  • Review new airline regulations with you especially relating to security
  • Reserve commercial and charter flight space
  • Manage individual reservations for those who need to deviate from the main group
  • Arrange for curbside check-in, group check-in, and pre-boarding passes, charter tarmac departures and arrivals
  • Manage seating arrangements
  • Negotiate frequent flier miles for the group
Ground Transportation
  • Arrange modern bus transportation for inter-city travel and sightseeing
  • Reserve train space and charters with US and European railroad companies
  • Arrange for individual car and limousine service
  • Prepare directions for all ground travel
Hotel Accommodations
  • Negotiate excellent rates with 3, 4 and 5-star hotels around the world. Special rates at several hotels in many parts of the world. We will save you money!
  • Pre-check all persons in hotels, prepare room keys and simplify check-in and check-out procedures
  • Arrange restaurant and room service timings and get extensions as needed
  • Plan special group meals in local restaurants and hotels
  • Arrange catered meals
  • Arrange shows, themes and special unique venues for extraordinary and memorable events
Luggage, Instruments and Cargo
  • Prepare carnets for foreign travel or documentation needed for non-carnet countries
  • Handle cargo flights and trucks for instruments and performance equipment
  • Oversee baggage count and numbering system every time baggage is moved (at airports on arrival and departure, at hotels on arrival and departure, at train stations, into and out of each bus, etc.)
  • Hire luggage and instrument handlers and trucks for ground transport
  • Prepare and negotiate lowest bond rates
  • Provide local guides for city tours and excursions from among our tried and tested world-wide network of ground handlers, guides and bus drivers
  • Arrange for special walking and driving tours
  • Provide an extensive and enjoyable experience incorporating the value and richness of each destination's culture and history into the trip
  • Provide full-time escorts and tour directors from among our well-trained, personable, experienced and multi-lingual staff around the world
Travel Insurance
  • We recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover your tour package. You must purchase this insurance within 21 days of your first tour payment in order for pre-existing conditions to be covered. Click on the Travelex logo for more plan details and costs. If you have any questions regarding specific plans it is best to contact the insurance company directly at 1-888-457-4602

The National Symphony Orchestra performs at Tonhalle in Dusseldorf
"The Philadelphia Orchestra has a great tradition of sharing its music with audiences around the world, and it gives us great pleasure to continue this with our 2008 Anniversary Tour of Asia, which commemorates important anniversaries in both China and Korea. Through these many visits, we have developed rich friendships with many wonderful people, who share our belief that the transformational power of music bridges cultural differences and brings people together."

James Undercofler, President - The Philadelphia Orchestra

The Minnesota Orchestra performing at the BBC Proms
"Many thanks to all at Classical Movements for their professionalism, dedication, hospitality and good humor in helping to make the LPO's tour to the United States celebrating the orchestra's seventieth birthday such a success. The assistance and experience with Blue Heart [now Classical Movements] provided for our hotel arrangements, both in the long preparations before and during the tour itself, was and is very much appreciated by the orchestra and contributed in no small part to the success of the performances."

Ed Hossack, Touring Manager - London Philharmonic Orchestra

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